The Center for Complementary Medicine

A whole clinic designed to treat the whole person. The whole family, too.

The Center for Complementary MedicineWell. Well. Well.

Imagine a single clinic where an M.D. and a chiropractor coexist. Where homeopath and psychologist cooperate. Where specialists in nutrition, body work, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and other diverse therapies all work to bring you better health. Science fiction? Nope. The Center for Complementary Medicine.

Well Founded

The clinic was started in 1988 by Lawrence Cohen, an M.D. who believed that ignoring alternative therapies made no more sense than eliminating traditional medical practice. Instead, why not consider alternatives that complement standard medicine, evaluate their benefits, find skilled practitioners, and give the patient a full range of options?

Well Centered

Our attention centers on you: how you feel, what you think and what your concerns are. We find this out by doing something practically unheard of in health care these days. We ask you to talk. Stranger still, we listen. This empowers you to participate actively in your own care. It also helps us treat you, not just “the problem.”

Well Balanced

The result is a center where health care isn’t scary or intimidating. Where you can find effective care for virtually any chronic, acute, psychological or general health issue you or your family might face. Where first line options aren’t harsh but subtle and gentle, encouraging your body to heal itself. Yet where traditional medical prescriptions and treatment are available if your medical situation requires them.

Well Trained

Each of us is fully trained and certified or licensed in his or her field. Many of us have more than one skill or specialty to offer, along with years of experience, practice and continuing study. And all of us share a commitment to help you improve your health through personal care.

Well Worth It

Our work isn’t free—our medical approaches are “complementary,” not complimentary. And except for the psychologist in our group, we don’t do insurance, though we will provide the information you need to file yourself. But considering the extensive personal attention you receive, our range of services, and the moderate fees we charge, do expect to get your money’s worth.

Well prepared

We should be. Our practitioners have a combined total of more than 150 years experience in treating patients. And as a clinic, we’ve been helping people discover medical options for 15 years.

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